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Practice with Jessica

Yoga is not a linear path, it is spherical. Growth is not about achievement but practice.

Jessica has been practicing yoga for 17 years and teaching for 7. She believes that a yoga practice is one of the most beautiful ways to learn about your body and mind. Her classes offer a unique experience integrating anatomically sound knowledge, breath practices, meditation and physical challenge. She specializes in alignment based vinyasa, prenatal yoga, and restorative practices.


Private Yoga

Practice virtually in your home, in a gym space or outside.

When you work with Jessica, she will craft a practice to fit exactly what you need. If you feel energetic, she'll move you; if you feel overwhelmed, she'll ground you; if you are in need of a deep release, she'll stretch you. A session with Jessica is a truly unique experience. A way to meet yourself as you are each and every day.

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

FPC Live Classes

Monday 8:30am Postpartum Signature

Thursday 8:30am Prenatal Signature

These classes, specifically designed for birthing bodies, combine strength, cardio and stretching to safely move your body. You’ll learn how to correct your posture, actively engage your core, and keep your body strong, safe and properly aligned as you navigate the constant changes of pregnancy and mom life.

Getting in touch is the first step on the path towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

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My yoga practice with Jess was an exploration of the mind-body connection that resulted in a new, deeper understanding of myself. Jess's mastery of human anatomy was paramount in both keeping me safe and also pinpointing the exact muscle or tendon that was the source of my pain. Each practice was determined by my needs that day, but at the end I could always say with confidence that Jess challenged me, encouraged me, listened to me, supported me, humored me, and healed me in more ways than one. Jess is a superior teacher who's curiosity, compassion and wit put her in a class of her own.

Amelia F. 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica for several years, and also through my pregnancy. She is an incredibly patient, kind and intuitive instructor, with an uncanny ability to make you feel at ease no matter where you are in your personal practice, and to know exactly what your body and mind need in that exact moment. I always feel transformed after a session with her - ready to take on the world, with a smile in my heart.

Katie C.

Over the last three years Jessica has transformed my mind and body to give me greater strength, stability and focus. She understands my body's abilities and limitations and tailors each session to emphasize the strengths while breaking down the restrictions. She's a highly skilled teacher with a strong understanding of the body's form and function and uses this to create a truly unique experience for her students.

Julia R. 

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